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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Fabulous in High Heels!

When it comes to making a personal statement high heels are hard to beat, but only if it's done properly. Let's face it, tottering into a room like a new born antelope with dislocated knees, or stomping along with hunched shoulders, looking down as though you are concentrating on trying to crush cockroaches, is unlikely to give the impression you were hoping for. I spend rather a lot of time around brides in their shiny new heels, so I've seen everything from the Carvela Careen to the Westwood Wobble.

However, help is at hand. Nina won a competition prize organised by to go on a High Heels Masterclass run by Sarah Toner. Yesterday was the big day and she went along with our friend Jane, both of them having somehow managed to select a single pair of shoes each from their vast collections.

Precisely what went on in the class is something of a mystery (although fruit seems to figure quite highly). All I can say is that the two women I picked up that evening were not the same ones I had dropped off in the morning, Jane and Nina positively strutted to the car with the confidence of catwalk models and the elegance of gazelles, a most impressive sight that really did have heads turning! The individual tuition they received has obviously made a huge difference and there is no doubt that they had a fantastic time, there has only been one topic of conversation since...

So, if you want to learn how to make the right statement on your wedding day, boost your confidence and have a lot of fun at the same time, Jane and Nina's top tip is to visit Sarah's website or and treat yourself to a High Heels Masterclass!

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