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Monday, 14 June 2010

Nicola and Stephen's Wedding at Marylebone Registry and Dukes Hotel

Nicola and Stephen had their wedding at Marylebone Registry Office and their reception at Dukes Hotel a few weeks ago.  Everyone got ready at Dukes but Stephen sneaked off early to make sure he didn't bump into (a very excited) Nicola before the wedding ceremony.  I was planning on going over to the wedding on the tube, but ended up taking a taxi with Nicola's Mum and Nan and spend a lovely twenty minutes  so chatting with them.

Marylebone is a lovely registry office, quite imposing with it's tall columns and stone lions outside and very nicely decorated inside with lots of marble and wood panels, a nice place to relax before the wedding ceremony gets under way.

As well as big congratulations (and confetti) from their family and friends, there was a fairly continuous stream of football supporters going past (Chelsea I was told) all giving their best wishes to the happy couple. 

While there I bumped into a Dutch photographer called  Peter Snijders who was photographing his sister's wedding.  Peter is a very nice chap and we spent a few minutes nattering about  Pockets Wizards, Photoshop CS5, various lenses... the sort of interesting stuff that you really shouldn't bore your clients with.  You can see Peter's website here:

Nicola and Stephen had very thoughtfully arranged for an old Routemaster bus to take everyone from the wedding back to Dukes Hotel for the reception.

Dukes is a little known hotel just around the corner from the Ritz, but people in the know, know it (if you know what I mean).  It's a very chic wedding venue (you can get married there as well) with an impeccable level of service and is ideal for smaller wedding parties.  you can find out more about Dukes Hotel on their website  (the opening photo is one of mine as well).

Nicola and Stephen had a great wedding day and were a lovely couple to spend time with, I just couldn't believe how quickly it went by.

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Friday, 11 June 2010

Not Enough Blogging

I popped round to see one of my couples last night just to go over a few things before their wedding and was subjected to a verbal mauling for not blogging often enough!  Apparently they look forward to my little updates and want more of them.  Obviously I wouldn't dream of mentioning Kaz and Pete by name (whoops!), but just to keep them happy here are a couple of shots from a meeting with Sarah and H. 

I'll be photographing their wedding in Hastings on Halloween this year and the legal part of the ceremony is going to be followed by a Handfasting in the woods.  Given that my knowledge of Halloween is limited to what I've gleaned from watching old Hammer Horror movies, I have got a bit of research to do before their big day (I was surprised to discover that it's not even Halloween that's the important bit and I'm still not too clear on the handfasting bit).

We had a brilliant couple of hours together, going to the pub, walking through the woods, going back to the pub...  it's going to be a good wedding!

Anyway, Kaz and Pete, whose names I will not mention (whoops!) should be happy for a few days now and I must wrap up as I'm off to photograph Maria and Roberts wedding at Nonsuch Mansion in the morning and need my beauty sleep - no comments needed thank you! 

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