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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Photography for Estate Agents in Eastbourne

Sovereign Harbour, in Eastbourne, East Sussex, is one of the most popular parts of the town to live in and is a great place for photography on a sunny day. I particularly enjoy photographing properties in this area due to the range of building styles and as someone who loves sailing, any excuse to go and look at yachts is fine by me. As well as a wide range of birds, did you know that there are even seals in the outer harbour?

Sovereign Harbour Estate Agents in Eastbourne, East Sussex

Birds and boats aside, I do a lot of estate agent property photography around Eastbourne, Polegate,  Pevensey and Hailsham and also Sovereign Harbour in particular and it's great to see the inside of many of the flats, apartments and houses there.

Sovereign Harbour Estate Agents in Eastbourne, East Sussex

With many estate agents in Eastbourne you are never short of choice, so it's always best to go with one that offers professional property photographers as part of their package. Good looking photographs always attract more attention online so it's well worth having them done properly as it's an investment that can repay itself many times over.

Sovereign Harbour Estate Agents in Eastbourne, East Sussex

If you are unhappy with how your property looks why not contact me to see how I can improve the look of your property or go with an estate agent that offers professionally taken images such as That Property Place! You might be very surprised at what a difference it can make.

You can visit That Property Place at their website: or visit me at: