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Monday, 23 August 2010

Gritte and Stephen's Wedding at Rosslyn Hill Chapel and Camden Lock

Gritte and Stephen had their wedding at Rosslyn Hill Chapel near Hampstead Heath and their wedding reception at the Camden Lock Holiday Inn a few weeks ago... actually it was several weeks ago now, I'm desperately trying to play catchup here!

Gritte got ready at the Holiday Inn, ably assisted by family and friends.  All the wedding flowers were supplied by Lulu, who wanders streets broad and narrow, selling flowers from a barrow, while simultaneously campaigning to become Mayor of Camden.  I don't know how Lulu has got on with her political aspirations, but her flowers were certainly a vote winner.

Rosslyn Hill Chapel is a lovely and incredibly well hidden little place, you really wouldn't have a clue it was there unless you knew about it.  Gritte and her family are from Germany and had borrowed the priest from a German Church in London to conduct a lovely Anglo-German ceremony. 

Both Gritte and Stephen are very keen archers and their archery club formed a tunnel of arrows for them after the ceremony.  The original plan was to use bows as well, but the logistics of transporting bows and arrows on the tube (as well as the danger of arrest) proved a little too much.

The view from the top of the Camden Lock Holiday Inn is really quite spectacular and Camden Lock itself provides some fantastic backdrops - even the graffiti looks cool.

Shy about doing your first dance?  Gritte and Stephen's top tip is to wear a cunning disguise so no one will recognise you!

Gritte and Stephen had a brilliant fun fulled day and the weather couldn't have been more perfect for them.  The Camden Lock Holiday Inn is a great venue right at the centre of one of London's most exciting areas, you can find more information on their website.

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Monday, 2 August 2010

Jane and Antony's Wedding at Eastbourne Registry Office

Jane and Antony had their wedding at Eastbourne Register Office followed by a reception at Bibendum.  Jane got ready at the Pier Hotel, which is on Eastboune seafront directly opposite the pier (yes, I can hear you shouting "The clue's in the name, Mick" but it's never safe to make assumptions).

Jane had her hair done Donna from Crowning Glory, who is definitely one of the best hair stylists around, needless to say she looked stunning!  You can see more of Donna's work for a wedding at Birling Manor we did a while back.

The weather wasn't terribly clever this time around, so we did the formal group photographs inside and then spent a few minutes getting a bit more romantic before heading of to the very cool, laid back party atmosphere of their wedding reception at Bibendum, where Jane's Mum played a terrible trick on the happy couple during the speeches.  This involved the use of several front door keys and a number of thoroughly wicked accomplices, although in order to preserve Jane's modesty and reputation, I shall reveal no more.

Jane and Antony had a brilliant day with lots of very happy people and Bibendum is a great venue for for smaller family weddings, you can find more details on their website:

To find out more about Crowning Glory Hairdressing please visit Donnas website at:

01323 639404