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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Pet Photography - Sort of...

Actually I ended up spending a day doggy sitting for some friends and decided that I might as well do some dog portraits as they were rather cute looking (the dogs that is).

They were incredibly quiet for most of the day, a lot of sleeping, a spot of light lunch, asking to go out every so often as good doggies do, all very relaxing really.

Things were going well until late afternoon ,when a family walking past had the audacity to stop at the front gate for some reason or other.  This sent both dogs into a wild frenzy of running around, jumping up and down and barking their heads off.   In trying to catch them and calm them down I somehow managed to get their squeaky toy pig stuck to the sole of my foot, which gave an almighty oink whenever I took a step and whipped them up into an even greater frenzy, this time centred on me rather than the poor family outside. Fortunately Nina helped out enormously by laughing so much that it eventually calmed them down... thank you for that dearest.

On the other hand this little thing is an entirely different kettle of dog - a miniature dachshund to be more specific.  Don't let his innocent little face and big googly eyes fool you, he's into everything (particularly tongues into ears) and doesn't he stop for a minute. 

I did find it interesting to note that he is exactly he same size as a small baguette though, I wonder if that's why they're called sausage dogs? 

Now where did I put that jar of mustard...

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