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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Becky and Dan's Wedding at Hartsfield Manor

This time we are off to Surrey for Becky and Dan's wedding at Hartsfield Manor. Becky got ready at her Mum and Dad's house in a very calm and relaxed environment, excited without any sign of nerves. Her stylist doesn't normally do bridal work and only did it as a favour. In fact she generally works on TV and movie productions and really likes doing the more unsavoury stuff - think Baldrick (although he's not one of her's) and you get the idea. Knowing this would have given most brides the jitters, but there was no need to worry, Becky looked wonderful!

Hair and makeup done (without a fake boil in sight), Becky set off for Hartsfield Manor in a lovely traditional bridal car. As a surprise she had arranged for Dan and his Groomsmen to be picked up by a massive American monster truck. It really was a beast and the last couple of miles to Hartsfield Manor is quite tight, so anything coming the other way would have got something of a shock!

 After the wedding Becky and Dan went for a drive around the grounds in the bridal car (with me running up and down the road after them), rather than the monster truck, much more traditional. Although the weather wasn't great, the rain held off until the evening so we managed to get a few outside photographs. Luckily there is no shortage of places inside to work with, so it wouldn't have been too much of a problem.

Becky and Dan had a lovely, elegant and easy-going wedding surrounded by their family and friends, it really was a great day for everyone. 
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