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Sunday, 23 November 2008


I had a request for stock photographs of Barcelona a few days ago and thought I would share some from at trip there last year.

We met a very nice German chap on the plane who gave us a few recommendations, including one to a fantastic restaurant near the Olympic Stadium with a view over the whole of Barcelona. It really was awesome and the food was amazing.

His other recommendation was to a little local place in the city centre. Cutting our way through the cigar smoke to find a table was interesting, as was the collection of chicken bones scattered liberally across the floor.

Not to be put off, we both ordered paella. This arrived after about ten minutes and the waiter proudly announced "It's real frozen paella you know!". The aluminium trays it arrived in and the fact that you had to use a knife as a chisel to break it into bite sized chunks testified to this. It was more like hard seafood biscuit than paella.

In fairness we probably went to the wrong establishment as every other meal we had was great and we can't wait for a chance to go back.

Mick House Photography