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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Hillary and Mark's Wedding at Frensham Heights

Hillary and Mark's Wedding at Frensham Heights School was an interesting one, as I had not heard of this venue before. Frensham Heights is an old country mansion near Farnham in Surrey, that is now a day and boarding school and has the most fantastic view towards the south coast.

This was another wedding where Nina was in her wedding planner role and Hillary and Mark chose me as their wedding photographer.

Hillary works at the Tate Modern, which I always love to pop into when I have the chance as you get to see the strangest things. My all time favourite exhibit was a row of someone's toenail clippings on a block of lard - seriously, I almost collapsed laughing, much to the interest of other visitors who probably felt that the display was a damning indictment of the battery farmed christmas tree industry or something.

I digress, so back to the wedding. Hillary and her family are all from Canada, so Nina had planned a mix of Canadian and English touches to the wedding so that everyone felt included. Not knowing much about shoes, I don't know whether these came from England or Canada, but I could see where they had to go:

I loved the hand positions in this one:

An interesting view...

All the flowers were provided by Euphoric Flowers were stunning as always

The ceremony and reception take place in the main hall, which has a very convenient gallery to shoot from.

I was banned from writing anything on the message tree as my sense of humour makes Nina a little nervous at times, everyone else had a go though.

Frensham Heights School is one of the nicest and best organised venues I have come across, if you are getting married in the Farnham area, I strongly recommend that you have a look at their website.

And obviously when it comes to flowers you would be hard pushed to do better than speak to Victoria and Simon at Euphoric Flowers, they are awesome!

Finally, if you haven't been to the Tate Modern you really should. I can't promise toenail clippings on a block of lard, but there will definitely be something there to brighten your day.