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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Anna and Anna's Civil Partnership at Northbrook Park, Farnham

When we first met up with Anna and Anna at Northbrook Park we knew they were going to have a good day - we just spent two and a half hours laughing! Having a look at my previous work and looking round the venue was very much a side issue to the serious business of having fun.

Fun aside, Northbrook Park is lovely, very light and airy with lots of interesting little corners in the gardens which seem to go on and on. It also has peacocks, which is always a big plus.

Rather foolishly I had assumed that having a couple both called Anna would make my life a little easier. The second that you get them together and say something like "Could you turn to your left a little please Anna... no, sorry the other Anna" you suddenly realise that you were very much mistaken.

I don't think I've ever come across two people more excited about their day. Everyone gets an element of nerves, but mainly they were more like two small children on Christmas morning and at times were literally quivering with excitement.

I think that this photo probably sums the Anna's up best. It's supposed to be a romantic doorway shot, instead they just fell about giggling. We got some traditional ones eventually but this is my favourite:

Anna and Anna's day turned out to be everything we expected and more, everyone had a brilliant time and the weather was amazing. Northbrook Park is a fantastic venue and the service is excellent. If you are getting married in the Surrey area I strongly suggest that consider it and take a look at their website.

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