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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Nadiya and Nick's Wedding in a Yurt

Strictly speaking I suppose it was a Teepee on steroids rather than a Yurt (and I realise that you had spotted that immediately), but we started out calling it the Yurt and it stuck. Still it's pretty neat whatever you call it:

Nadiya and Nick had their ceremony at Hastings Register Office with Nadiya looking stunning in a fifties style red and white dress with a red hat and veil and her bridesmaids in black dresses - it worked! It some ways it was quite spooky as Nadiya is so similar to our friend Taz, looks, sense of humour, the things she comes out with, they could almost be sisters.

Once again the weather gods smiled on us, although I get the feeling that Nadiya and Nick would have fun even if we'd had thunder, lightning and hailstones.

And of course the Yurt was well provisioned, you do have to plan ahead when having a wedding in a field:

The children even had a Pinata to play with. These are becoming ever more popular, although I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the Government bans them. I realise that to a certain type of person it may sound a little odd to hang an artificial donkey from a tree by it's neck and then invite small children to beat it with a stick, but before any over-zealous action group starts pressuring No 10 to churn out yet more legislation, please note that children can tell that it's just a game and that beating real animals is a bad thing to do.

Have you ever considered having a ukulele band at your wedding? Nor me... but you should! Nadiya and Nick had the Bohemia Ukulele Band for the evenings entertainment and they are brilliant and play all sorts of things, not just George Formby... go and book them now before you miss out! We ended up giving three of them and their gear a lift back to Hastings in the dead of night and can cheerfully confirm that they are even madder than they look.

Having your wedding in a field is a bit of a risk, but if you have the sort of family and friends that don't worry too much about the weather it does give your day a real buzz with a relaxed party atmosphere. The field doesn't have it's own wedsite so I can't link to it, you'll have to find your own. If you want more details of the Bohemia Ukulele band though, you can see them on their website -

01323 639404

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