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Friday, 26 February 2010

Alex and Mat's Wedding at Brockhurst School, Berkshire

Rewinding a little bit, Alex and Mat had their wedding at Brockhurst School, near Newbury, Berkshire on Halloween last year.  Although there was a Halloween theme going on later in the day, Alex had decided against doing the whole black cat and cauldron thing for walking down the aisle and instead wore a beautiful lacy white dress with matching white shoes.  She also wore the tiara that her mum had worn on her own wedding day - which I think is lovely!

Alex and Mat are very much into photography themselves and their home is full of photographs from their holiday travels as you can see hanging on the wall here - very good they are too!

Brockhurst School is a stunning looking Victorian mansion and the Great Hall where the wedding ceremony takes place is overlooked by a gallery, which is ideal for setting up a second camera:


As well as providing a games room with a whole host of things to do, there was even a Halloween themed dressing up box which resulted in various guests wandering around dressed as vampires,  witches and monsters or appearing to have been stabbed with various nasty looking implements - great fun!  To round things off perfectly a couple of bats even came out after dark for a flutter around.

If you would like to find out more about Brockhurst School (which has a very interesting history), you can visit it's website here:

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