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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Bushra and Mustafa's London Wedding Photography

I was out doing some landscape photography one evening when my mobile went off. To most people this is a fairly normal occurrence, but to me it was something of a shock. At the time I had some awful thing that lost signal at any excuse and needed to be switched off and on again before it would recover, had a battery life of about twelve hours in warm weather (twenty minutes if it was cold) and a keypad so small that one finger covered most of the keys - we didn't get on very well, although on the plus side it was a nice bright orange colour so it was quite difficult to lose.

On the phone was Bushra, a friend of Asmaa and Amira's whose weddings I had photographed previously (to Francesco and Adam respectively), wanting to know if I was available to cover her wedding as well. A quick check of the diary when I got home and yes, I'm free - brilliant!

It was a pretty overcast and rainy day when I arrived at Bushra's home, although everyone was in high spirits, especially the children:

There was an amazing amount going on, a real party and even a traditional Turkish drummer and trumpeter doing their very best to deafen the entire street. When we left to go to the wedding car about two hundred yards down the road, I discovered that my shoes had gone missing, or more accurately there were so many in the porch that I could not quickly identify which were mine. So I had a rather soggy and painful squelch down the road in socks with the wedding party and the band - bang bang, toot toot, squelch squelch... Nina managed to find my shoes eventually and then there was a mad dash across London in the rush hour (which is better than Brighton in the rush hour) with the heater on full blast trying to dry my feet out.


Bushra and Mustafa had their wedding at the Regency Banqueting Suite in Tottenham, watched by something in the region of 400 guests - quite an event!

After Bushra and Mustafa had been led into the venue by the band, we were treated to a fantastic display of traditional Turkish dancing, involving lots of jumping around with drinks balanced on heads, scythes being twirled with scant regard for health and safety (great!) and a lot of very loud music.


It was great to see Asmaa, Amira and Adam again, although unfortunately Francesco could not make it. Adam and Amira had brought their little girl along as well and she is gorgeous!

By about 10pm everything was starting to draw to a close, the feet had finally dried out and it was time to start the journey home.