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Friday, 14 May 2010

Catriona and Mike's Wedding at Rochester Cathedral

Rochester Cathedral is one of my favourite wedding venues and Catriona and Mike were lucky enough to be able to get married there - you do need to fulfill certain requirements.  Catriona got ready at the Bridgewood Manor Hotel in Chatham, which was also the venue for the wedding reception.

Although Rochester Cathedral is incredibly impressive, it's not so large as to be overwhelming, which actually gives it a sort of nice friendly atmosphere.

There had been quite a bit of rain over the previous few days, so doing the group photographs in the garden was not a sensible option - high heels and wet ground are not a good combination.  Luckily you are not short on space inside and the steps leading up to the organ make an impressive backdrop.

While everyone made their way to the wedding reception, Catriona Mike and I went down into the crypt for a few shots and a quick Bella Lugosi impression (from me that is - it's a crypt, it has to be done). 

The girls from Catriona's hen-night told me that they had "acquired" her lipstick as a joke. This is apparently Catriona's most prized possession (apart from Mike obviously) and she was quite put out to think that it was lost.  So before the big lipstick reunion ceremony we decided to take it on a little photo tour - at the bar, cooling of in the ice-bucket, etc.

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