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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Small Copper Butterfly

I was happily trying to get a photograph of a Banded Demoiselle (a very pretty type of Damselfly) at the River Cuckmere a few weeks ago, just before a meeting with a client.  I'd been watching the little thing for a good twenty minutes, finding out where he liked to rest and slowly slithering myself into position.  

Everything was just about perfect, he's settled about 20cm away and I'm just getting him into focus when along come "Mr and Mrs we've got a dog that we can't control".  I'm not talking about inquisitive, boisterous, friendly doggy here, which would have been irritating but acceptable.  This was a barking, snarling, hugely aggressive lump of fur and teeth that for some reason has taken a huge dislike to me.  

Superhero Hubby bravely slinks off and leaves his wife to drag the thing away (you must be so proud of him!) and of course by the time it's over the Demoiselle is long gone.  It's bad enough having to pick your way through their droppings in some areas without having to put up with mad dogs as well.

As a consolation I did come across some Small Copper butterflies (Lycaena phlaeas) later on though, which are just as pretty as Demoiselles but a different colour (and shape for that matter):


It's quite surprising what hairy (and dusty) little devils they are up close isn't it?  It almost looks as though he's waiting to be fed in this shot!

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