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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Susan and Graham's Wedding at Rowhill Grange, Kent

Susan and Graham eventually had their wedding at Rowhill Grange in Kent.  I say eventually because they were originally booked in elsewhere on a different date.  I won't go into details but due to a series of "interesting events" they decided to cancel the original wedding booking and move to Rowhill Grange instead.  Luckily the new date was on a Friday so I was still free.  Top tip:  Make sure you get everything confirmed in writing!

Panic over, Susan did all her bridal preparations in the comfort of Rowhill Grange before going down to the Clockhouse Suite for the wedding ceremony in her fabulous red and white wedding dress.

The Clockhouse Suite is actually a completely separate building from the main hotel, which makes it feel as though you have the venue all to yourself.

Apart from the Clockhouse Suite, you can also get married outside in the gardens under a very nice gazebo - assuming you are happy to run the risk of our weather of course.  It turned out that the weather was pretty good for most of the day with a bit of light rain starting just after we went off to do some photographs in the gardens - nice timing!

Although an old building, Rowhill Grange has been decorated in quite a modern style, giving it a very chic look.


Graham and Susan had a fantastic day at Rowhill Grange before flying off for a wonderful honeymoon cruise, in the end everything had worked out perfectly for them!  If you would like to find out more about having a wedding at Rowhill Grange, please visit their website:

01323 639404

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