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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Impatient Patient Disorder

Here we have some promo shots for the latest Pires and Price comedy movie "Impatient Patient Disorder" about a medical orderly wreaking havoc in a private rest home.

Silvia Lousada as Nurse Aimee looking pretty horrified:

Actress Silvia Lousada Impatient Patient promo

Stuart Hayden as Mr Jerome the primary victim:

Stuart Hayden in the character of Mr Jerome

Jade Powers as an angry looking Dr Maggie Pearson:

Jade Powers in the character of Dr Maggie Pearson - Impatient Patient

Paulo Caspar as one of the patients:

Paulo Caspar playing a patient in Impatient Patient Disorder

Finally Catarina Brites as the nagging wife:

Catarina Brites as a nagging wife in Impatient Patient Disorder

You can see the movie trailer over on Youtube here:

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