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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Halloween Horror Bunny

This was a really interesting and fun Halloween shoot from a couple of weeks ago at Dungeness in Kent, which is one of the bleakest looking places in the south-east, but also one of my favourites.

We started the shoot an hour or so before sunset and this got us a bit of an audience obviously, including a couple of policemen doing a slow drive by.  Most of the shoot took place after dark though and although I'm not much of a one for health and safety it does have to be planned fairly carefully at somewhere like this due to the tangles of netting, ropes, and abandoned machinery all over the place, before you add in bags, equipment, lightstands, etc.

When she's not in costume Amy Hunnisett does a pretty good impression of a post-apocalyptic mutant bunny hunter:

Although things look rather different when she's dressed up:

Ed Cuming plays the part of one of the many unfortunates to meet their miserable and sticky end at the hands of our furry flop-eared fiend:

I hope you are all looking forward to a suitably spooky Halloween, just be careful, you never know what's really lurking out there...

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