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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Back to Pelham House

I have just taken a booking for next year from a lovely couple called Karen and Peter who are getting married at Pelham House in Lewes. They are a particularly interesting couple to meet as Peter is a sign-writer who used to work in magazine printing, which (believe it or not) is something of a dark art to most photographers. Karen on the other hand paints glasses (drinking ones, not spectacles) and targets her creations specifically at the wedding market. I hope to do a separate blog entry about this in the near future, so I won't say more now.

The last time I was at Pelham House was for the wedding of Emma and Spencer:

Spencer has the coolest name ever - Spencer Rockman - it sounds like someone from the lead role in a Hollywood blockbuster, possibly with someone like Harrison Ford playing second fiddle!

Spencer gave one of the best speeches ever. Very funny, but delivered completely dead-pan, a bit like a friendlier looking version of Jack Dee. Emma on the other hand is one of the bubbliest people you could come across, very much like my friend Emma (who I call Twinkle because she does), perhaps there's something about the name Emma that makes the owner a happy person.

Pelham House is a very stylish boutique hotel in the centre of Lewes, converted from a 16th century town house. It has stunning gardens, hosts a large collection of modern sculpture and also hosts a number of art exhibitions throughout the year. 

Pelham House is a lovely and very well run venue and is great  for couples looking to have their wedding somewhere a little different, you can find out more details their website:, which also has links to a lot of useful local information.

01323 639404