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Friday, 19 June 2009

Liquid Art - Photographing Water Droplets

If you have never seen photographs of water droplets before it probably sounds like a strange thing to do, at least all my friends think it's a bit odd until they see the end result, then they go "Wow!"

Droplets falling into a bowl of water produce amazing structures for a fraction of a second and trying to capture that brief moment in time is surprisingly addictive, you never know exactly what the next one will look like.

The droplets are lit with a pair of Nikon SB800 speedlights covered with sweetie wrappers left over from Christmas. Sweetie wrappers work better than gels because they are not as stiff and can simply be held in place with a rubber band. The downside is that my speedlights now smell of chocolate!

Getting the timing right is very much the trick with this, you do tend to get a lot of missed shots until your eye drops in, but when you do get on a roll the results are worth it!

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